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Executive team
Tahar Bouhafs
Chief Executive Officer
Anna Abgaryan
Director of Customer Experience
William R. Ameral
Director of Finance
Simona Bertozzi 
Chief Operating Officer
Karem Bouhafs
Director of Sales
       Donald A. DePalma
       Chief Strategist and Founder
       Melissa Gillespie
       Director of Marketing & Public Relations
       Hélène Pielmeier
       Director of Industry Providers Service
       Rebecca Ray
       Director of Global Leaders Service
Worldwide sales
Lesley Ahern
Sr. Account Executive, North America
Tuba Aytug
Sales Executive, International

Mariana Camacho
Sales Executive, North and Latin America
Nadia Belkziz
Customer Experience Manager, North America                                      
Elena Fuster
Sales Executive, International

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