Content Strategy for the Global Enterprise
by Donald A. DePalma, Merle Tenney
April 29, 2011
April 29, 2011

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If your organization uses computers, then you generate disks and clouds full of content that must be managed. If your organization operates internationally, it has to manage this content on a global scale. Everyone needs a strategy to harness the enormous volumes of content that flows through his or her organization.

Every commercial enterprise, government agency, or non-governmental organization (NGO) produces massive numbers of words, innumerable images, and an increasing portfolio of audio and video files that need to be processed, managed, and transformed for information consumers.

What drives this huge production of content is a race to address as much of the world market as possible, as quickly as possible. As they strive to serve up this content stew in the languages of their target markets, most organizations don’t have an overall strategy for dealing with the gargantuan volumes of content that they produce or that they know should be translated. Besides that missing plan, most managers with responsibility for different portions of this content believe that they’re short on money and staffing to do the work.

As we scoped this report, we reviewed the interviews and surveys that we conducted over the last several years of research. We also revisited the findings of our consulting and advisory sessions with companies wrestling with global information management issues. And we considered the input of many briefings with suppliers that offer technology and services to address these problems.

Across all of this research, we found recurring themes as organizations strive to maximize the return on their content, technology, and translation investments. They included hard decisions about which content to translate, how to prioritize language and country support, and which organizational model works best. This report helps organizations understand the content they create, how they manage and transform it, and where these operations fit into an enterprise content strategy.

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