Lessons from the Dark Side
by Inna Geller, Donald A. DePalma, Nataly Kelly
July 11, 2011
July 11, 2011

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There are two sides to every story, but buyers and suppliers seldom have an opportunity to hear the other side of the tale. During language industry forums and conferences, people on the demand side try to avoid contact with vendors, fearing that they will be pressured to take yet another business card for their language service provider (LSP) address book. The LSPs handing the cards to prospective buyers jostle with other vendors doing the same. Except for a quick introduction at speed networking sessions, there are few chances for people on either side of the buyer-supplier divide to share experiences. Consequently, neither side fully understands the thought processes and motivations of the other.

Fundamentally, buyers and suppliers are just like everybody else. They are people with families, career ambitions, life goals, and even commuting anxiety. This report provides you with a unique opportunity to hear what the individuals say about their experience working on both sides, so it’s a way to learn from one another. Common Sense Advisory conducted interviews with 20 individuals who during their career in translation and localization worked on both sides of the business.

  • Global Leaders
  • Industry Providers
  • Technology Vendors
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