Ranking of Top 20 Translation Companies
by Donald A. DePalma
July 01, 2005
July 01, 2005

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What a difference a day (or two) makes. Just last week we published our "Ranking of Top 15 Translation Companies," ordered by revenue. Then Lionbridge delivered on a matter we've been speculating on since February -- it acquired Bowne Global Solutions, thus becoming the largest language services company on the planet.

With all this turmoil in the industry, some companies we've talked to in the past -- but couldn't get numbers from -- poked their heads above the parapet and told us how big they actually are. Executives at larger privately held firms and even the owner-operators of much smaller firms are reconsidering their role in this changing langauge landscape. They want customers to know that they have the scale to meet customers' needs; revenue, employee counts, and how many offices they have are all signfiers of scale. What we look forward to is applying our Human-Delivered Services Company Index to them as they grow and become more financially transparent.

How does this affect buyers of translation and localization services? The most efficient business transactions are ones with high degrees of information transparency, where both sides know more than a little about the guy on the other side of the table than what they are telling them. Our list, HDSC Index, and detailed information about suppliers aim to provide the buyer with more of the data they need to make an informed decision about their suppliers -- whether they show up in the top 20 or not.


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