Machine Translation for Indian Languages
by Vijayalaxmi Hegde
September 01, 2011
September 01, 2011

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India’s internet user base is the fourth largest in the world at 81 million users. Yet, this is just the beginning. Add to this the fact that mobile consumers of digital content already exist in huge numbers and will continue to multiply. A fraction of these users, and those to come, speak English; not everyone is comfortable with Hindi, either (see “India Beyond English,” May08). The challenges posed by the many linguistic needs of Indian consumers can feasibly be addressed only by machine translation (MT).

So, what is the current state of machine translation in India? What are the roadblocks ahead? To find out, we conducted phone interviews with institutions building MT systems for Indian languages as well as language service providers in India. In this brief, we provide an overview of the state of MT in India, an analysis of a promising Indian-developed software solution, a look at joint development in Ireland on English<>Indic MT, and an examination of how potential users should proceed.

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