Trends in Machine Translation
by Donald A. DePalma
October 31, 2011
October 31, 2011

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Why should you care about machine translation (MT)? It’s simply a matter of numbers. There’s far too much content being created and far too few translators or money to translate it all – or even a tiny fraction of it. Translation automation tools such as MT promise to increase the volume and accelerate the pace of words rendered into other languages. Planners who understand this dynamic will be in a better position to take advantage of what’s happening with this core technology and language service.

Our research shows that MT developers seek to counter an uptick in content volume; increase speed to reach new markets; and address quality concerns with rapid innovation, interoperability, and new tools. This report picks up the discussion of these themes and outlines the major trends affecting machine translation and the impact on information producers and consumers.

Several overarching patterns guide the evolution of MT: 1) the impetus for machine translation; 2) a move toward demystifying or simplifying the technology and its processes; 3) the enterprise-enablement of MT, allowing it to be used in any application with a translation requirement; 4) the creation of machine translation platforms and supporting ecosystems that will become part of the enterprise technology stack; and 5) growing awareness of and reaction to the changing economics of this technology and service delivery based on MT. 

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