Translation Management Systems for Enterprises and LSPs
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Donald A. DePalma
August 08, 2014
August 08, 2014

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The purpose of this report is to clarify the types of  translation management systems (TMS) available today and assist technology buyers in identifying the correct sub-category of system that will best address their particular business case. We discuss general technology and process innovation trends that affect technology decisions for enterprises and language service providers (LSPs).  

This report will help operational managers and tool strategists working in enterprise and LSP environments understand the differences between system types, how they came about, what kind of jobs they were designed to handle, and which options they should be looking at – or not.

To complete this research, we spoke with 28 technology providers of translation management systems.

  • Global Leaders
  • Industry Providers
  • Technology Vendors
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Pages: 40

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