International Expansion for LSPs: Summary of Recommendations
by Hélène Pielmeier
October 06, 2014
October 06, 2014

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Going global is tempting – for reasons ranging from growing the business, to improving client service, to developing a competitive advantage via low-cost production centers. However, international expansion is a challenging endeavor regardless of whether language service providers start their first office abroad or open their tenth one. A journey begun without in-depth planning has a higher probability of failing. Successful international expansion results come from integrating core decisions on why, where, when, and how to expand internationally to the long-term strategic planning efforts of the company. Such a systematic approach is needed because as one interviewee for this research stated, “no market needs another LSP unless it brings value to the table.”

This summary of recommendations is an abstract from “International Expansion for LSPs”, a report that guides providers in their international expansion strategy and implementation. Refer to the report for more in-depth data, information, and insights on who, why, when, where, and how LSPs go international.

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  • Technology Vendors

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