Take Command of Your Translation Budget
by Rebecca Ray, Fred Hollowood
December 08, 2014
December 08, 2014

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There is no standard budgeting model for translation and localization teams, so managers and directors often ask Common Sense Advisory for advice on how to increase their budgets, maintain them, and keep them from being cut. Many continue to scramble to stretch flat budgets to cover an expanding number of markets, products, and publishing platforms each year. 

Based on interviews with managers and directors with budget responsibilities at 37 global companies in 10 industries in eight countries, this report outlines the latest best practices, along with tips and tricks, for building a sustainable funding model for translation and localization. Buyers will learn:

  • How to be successful budget managers, whether operating under a centralized funding or a shared cost model
  • How to wield the translation and localization budget as a strategic tool
  • How novices can avoid common budgeting mistakes made during the early phases of localization maturity
  • How more experienced managers can benchmark their funding process against what their industry colleagues are doing
  • Seven ways to build wiggle room into translation budgets
  • How corporate culture and localization maturity influence funding models
  • How to identify the four groups that usually share ownership for translation funding, along with their decision-makers
  • Three steps to keeping finances in order 

  • Technology Vendors
  • Global Leaders
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Pages: 39

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