Enterprise Translation Automation
by Donald A. DePalma, Fred Hollowood
March 10, 2015
March 10, 2015

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Many organizations employ technology to manage digital content and its translation. Some rely heavily on tools that vendors provide. Others require partners to use proprietary systems that they have developed themselves or bought from commercial suppliers. Still others send out source content to vendors who can use whichever tools they want, as long as the localized material meets customer specifications. However, CSA Research shows that almost all companies continue to struggle to coordinate all of the moving parts required to scale content to an increasing range of languages, products, and platforms. 

In this report, we explore scenarios for translation automation in a continuum from reactive to tailored to fully architected systems. Based on interviews with technology managers and executives at 15 enterprises, this research offers numerous use cases and specific recommendations about what companies can do to automate their translation and localization workflow faster and more effectively. Buyers will benefit from:

  • 10 tables that outline business goals for automation, various technologies and their components, their role in the language supply chain, and sample suppliers
  • Six workflow diagrams that include automation scenarios for precision manufacturing, Agile development environments, customer care, and marketing
  • Benchmarking their current state against one of three automation frameworks – reactive, tailored, or architected
  • Discovering how their peers speed up the transition from a reactive model to one that is more responsive to their needs
  • Learning how to sell their strategic plan for an architected automation model that will serve translation and localization requirements enterprise-wide
  • Access to data to build better ROI cases and deployment plans for automation
  • Understanding why successful automation depends on connectivity, control, and context
  • Recognizing how localization maturity influences automation choices

  • Global Leaders
  • Technology Vendors
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