Translation at Fortune 500 Companies
by Rebecca Ray, Nataly Kelly
March 27, 2012
March 27, 2012

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In some of our most recent research, the majority of firms reported that their cost of translation was far below 1% of total revenue (see “Translation Performance Metrics,” Dec11). However, until now, there has been no hard data to demonstrate whether an increase in funding for language services can actually drive additional revenue. This report explores how investment in translation at Fortune 500 companies affects their financial performance. We analyze why they translate, their rate of market expansion, the number of languages they deliver, content volumes, and translation budget fluctuation.

Buyers will have access to statistics for Fortune 500 firms that support the following conclusions:

  • Companies that invest in translation do report higher revenue.
  • The greatest predictor of profit increases is linked to an organization’s corporate culture and whether or not it translates in order to retain and motivate its employees and partners.
  • A clear indicator of strong financial performance is content growth itself, in addition to the amount a company invests in translation.
  • Customer service, branding, and market share drive translation – not the goal of increased revenue.
  • Firms that translate in order to keep up with or to gain an edge over their competitors enjoy increased profits more than those that do not.
  • Responding to domestic multicultural markets also improves financial health.

They will also learn:

  • How an organization treats content contributes materially to its financial health.
  • Why translation should always be cast in terms of the revenue it enables, rather than the cost it incurs.
  • Six areas in which an organization must execute to implement globalization as a sustainable business process to realize the maximum return on its translation investment.
  • Four tactics that companies use to meet the scalability challenge posed by very finite translation resources that cannot keep pace with burgeoning content volume.        

  • Global Leaders
  • Technology Vendors
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