The Global Branding Myth
by Nataly Kelly
August 01, 2012
August 01, 2012

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Where does global branding end and where does product localization begin? The line is not always clear. Achieving any level of success in more than one market takes customization, tuning, and adaptation to match local requirements. Oddly enough, the people who actually have the word “localization” in their titles are usually completely disconnected from the individuals who work in global marketing. Even though the two groups would benefit tremendously from working with each other, this rarely happens in reality.

This report is designed to help managers of language services at global enterprises bridge the gap between their areas and marketing. In the first main section, we debunk a commonly held myth about global branding and provide examples of what branding really means, how it works in local markets, and how companies manage their brand voice in different places.

In the second section of the report, we offer localization managers a clear set of steps they can take in order to develop or improve their relationships with marketing professionals within their organizations. Individuals working in global branding and marketing can also use this report to learn more about how their counterparts in localization can partner with them to help create a truly globally minded enterprise.

  • Global Leaders
  • Technology Vendors
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