How Manufacturing Companies Buy Translation
by Rebecca Ray, Nataly Kelly
October 31, 2012
October 31, 2012

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The manufacturing vertical represents an enormous opportunity for all suppliers in the language services industry, be they freelancers, small agencies, single-language vendors, medium-sized firms, or large multi-language vendors. Estimated at US$11.13 billion in 2012, this vertical corresponds to one-third of the total market for outsourced language services of US$33.52 billion (see "The Language Services Market: 2012," May12). With hundreds of sub-sectors to serve, companies with an established offering for manufacturers, as well as those new to the vertical, can carve out new sources of revenue.

Manufacturing buyers face several global content challenges that won't disappear anytime soon. They include rising content volumes that must be published faster and faster in an increasing number of languages across multiple channels. The good news for language service providers is that these challenges represent revenue opportunities for their businesses.

In this report, LSPs will learn:

  • The top four criteria used by manufacturers when choosing service providers
  • How manufacturing buyers identify potential vendors
  • What manufacturers expect of their language suppliers
  • The top manufacturing sub-sectors on which LSPs should focus
  • Fourteen ways to turbo-charge your marketing program for manufacturers
  • Eight sources of information for developing manufacturing persona profiles
  • How to leverage SEO, including more than 200 possible keywords
  • Examples of websites that market well, and not so well, to manufacturers
  • Do's and don'ts for your sales team when approaching manufacturing buyers
  • Five areas to assess to ensure that your firm is ready to go after the manufacturing vertical

  • Industry Providers
  • Technology Vendors
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