Multilingual Websites
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Vijayalaxmi Hegde
October 31, 2012
October 31, 2012

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This report extends the findings and analysis of data first presented in the report "Global Website Assessment Index," (Oct12). The data in this study shows a strong correlation between the ranking of companies in structured lists by Alexa, Forbes, and Interbrand and the number of languages published on those corporate and brand sites. Sites at the top of these ranked lists consistently offer a higher language count than those on the bottom. In each case, business success as measured by Alexa, Forbes, and Interbrand goes hand in hand with greater breadth of language support.

We explore country data further to show how various regional and economic groupings of countries exhibit similar trends in average number of languages per prominent website. We also compare language popularity on prominent sites with data from our annual metrics research on the size of online language populations and the economic potential of those audiences, revealing both missed opportunities and likely overspend by brands in search of expanding market share. At the end of this report we look at how languages equate to higher revenue and profits, how languages reveal the stage of market globalization for industries, and how languages indicate economic success for countries large and small.

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  • Technology Vendors
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