Profitability in the Language Services Market
by Nataly Kelly, Hélène Pielmeier
February 08, 2013
February 08, 2013

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When individuals establish a language service provider (LSP), they often do so out of a passion for translation or interpreting. However, few companies know how to tightly control the elements that allow them to be profitable. While some acquire this skill over time by trial and error, others have a hard time measuring and maintaining profitability in a disciplined way.

When LSPs start to track profitability, they usually choose to do so on a gross profit margin (GPM) basis. In an industry composed largely of privately owned companies, limited data is available for profitability benchmarking. This report fills that gap and provides LSP owners and executives with the following essentials:

  • Data on typical results in the industry. We provide detailed data based on variables that can affect LSP profitability. This helps you easily pinpoint the most profitable geographies, services, or verticals.
  • Guidance to manage your gross profit margin. We dissect the factors that influence gross profit margins and how to monitor them. We also provide concrete advice to increase your gross profit margin.
Taking control of your company’s profit margins is one of the most important things you can do to build a financially viable and stable company. The data, analysis, and advice in this report will help you steer your company’s profitability in the right direction.

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  • Technology Vendors
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