Governance: Elevating Localization as a Business Function
by Rebecca Ray, Donald A. DePalma
December 01, 2016
December 01, 2016

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In preparation for the release of Localization Maturity ModelTM 3.0, CSA Research conducted a comprehensive survey of enterprise buyers of language services in 15 countries in June and July 2016. We asked about five strategic areas - governance, strategy, process, organizational structure, and automation. We ran 6,657 correlations based on the data collected, of which we are publishing a small percentage in a series of six briefs.

Successful localization doesn't happen by itself. Organizations that operate effectively and efficiently on a global basis do so by conscious design and investment. In this brief, we focus on governance. Members will gain access to  hard data for the following issues to benchmark their teams, as well as other corporate functions:

  • Why governance trumps strategy
  • How benchmarking globalization under a formal governance model validates it as a business process
  • How total revenue and the number of years formally managing language services affect governance
  • The ways in which governance influences localization process maturity
  • The reasons why so many organization lag behind in automation
  • How governance can foster and improve the status of globalized business processes enterprise-wide
  • Why measuring "return on cost" instead of "return on investment" holds organizations back from offering optimum global customer journeys
  • How to assess if you're spending enough time on strategic issues versus operational duties
  • Why in-house localization teams appear at all levels of maturity
For an overview of localization maturity and how these five areas - governance, strategy, process, organization structure, and automation - directly affect your organization's chances for international success, see why benchmarking localization maturity matters.

  • Global Leaders
  • Industry Providers
  • Technology Vendors

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