Why Benchmarking Localization Maturity Matters
by Rebecca Ray, Donald A. DePalma
December 01, 2016
December 01, 2016

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How many times have you heard "localization is special" or "globalization only affects a few departments?" Probably too many. Why are these attitudes still held by otherwise informed middle managers and executives? Because localization or globalization as a business process doesn't register for them.

Regularly benchmarking the localization maturity of your team - as well as the globalization progress of your entire organization - changes these attitudes. Why? By recasting these areas as business processes to be measured according to agreed-upon policies, formal metrics, and ROI goals brings them out of the shadows and subjects them to the analytical scrutiny of finance, operations, and executives.

In preparation for the release of Localization Maturity ModelTM (LMM) 3.0, CSA Research undertook an expansive data collection and analysis initiative:

  • We conducted an in-depth survey of enterprise buyers of language services in 15 countries in June and July 2016.
  • We asked about five strategic areas - governance, strategy, process, organizational structure, and automation.
  • We ran 6,657 correlations based on the data collected, of which we are publishing a small percentage in a series of six briefs.
  • We can now provide the hard data you need to reposition localization and globalization as business functions to be monitored enterprise-wide.
This brief is designed to get you started down the benchmarking path - whether you're new to the international arena or a seasoned practitioner with several years of experience. We explain our research methodology, why the Localization Maturity Model remains so popular, and how the maturity landscape has evolved significantly since 2011. We also outline how our expansive data collection and analysis will define the new LMM 3.0.

For more hard data on governance and why it trumps strategy, see "Governance: Elevating Localization as a Business Function."

  • Global Leaders
  • Technology Vendors

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