Strategy: Establishing Goals and Budgets Organization-Wide
by Rebecca Ray, Donald A. DePalma
December 19, 2016
December 19, 2016

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CSA Research carried out an extensive data collection and analysis initiative in preparation for Localization Maturity Model™ (LMM) 3.0. We conducted a comprehensive survey of enterprise buyers of language services in 15 countries in June and July 2016. We asked about five strategic areas – governance, strategy, process, organizational structure, and automation. We ran 6,657 correlations based on the data collected, of which we are publishing a small percentage in a series of six briefs.

Productive globalization requires commitment across the enterprise. Why? Because even high-performing localization teams must lobby other corporate functions to support international markets. For example, they do not have the power to mandate fully localized e-commerce infrastructure, local data security compliance, or appropriate in-country hiring practices without buy-in from marketing, IT, and human resources. Corporate, globalization, and global content strategies must be in place and integrated so that all teams can move in the right direction at the right speed to support global customer journeys.

In this brief, we focus on strategy. We analyze:

  • Why globalization strategies must extend beyond localization teams
  • How integrated strategies affect budget outlays, localization maturity, and earlier participation by localization teams in areas such as market entry analysis and product design and development
  • Executive support as an indicator for implementing a sustainable global content strategy
  • Why unified strategies are critical for capturing global revenue
  • How total revenue and the number of years formally managing language services affect strategy integration
  • The role of global content strategies and why the number of in-country staff or partners influences their success
For an overview of localization maturity and how these five areas directly affect your organization's chances for international success, see why benchmarking localization maturity matters.

  • Global Leaders
  • Industry Providers
  • Technology Vendors

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