TechStack: Translation Quality and In-Context Review Tools
by Arle Lommel, Donald A. DePalma
March 24, 2017
March 24, 2017

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Translation quality assurance and assessment (TQA) and in-context review tools assist linguists in identifying errors in translated content and fixing them. They play a vital role in helping translation providers and requesters alike understand how well translations meet expectation and what it takes to improve them. They take various approaches to identifying errors, scoring translations, and responding to errors or assessments, and include the following system types: manual error scorecards, automatic error detectors, in-context review tools, and automatic scoring systems.

This brief provides: an overview of these systems, a synopsis of their history and development, a SWOT analysis of current-generation systems, information on pricing and deployment models, basic data on current and upcoming solutions, and a list of features and guidelines for implementation.

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  • Industry Providers
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Pages: 17

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