2006 Public Company Financials for Language Technology and Services
by Donald A. DePalma
February 20, 2007
February 20, 2007

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This is the time of year when public companies start announcing their numbers -- and we can get a sense of their financial health. Today we've posted individual entries for each of the 5 language industry firms that trade their shares publicly. Here's a quick synopsis of each company's financials and a link to the individual entry:
  • Lionbridge. Revenue up, margins up but not as much as they should be, and use of its internal technology growing rapidly. See more about Lionbridge.

  • L-3 Communications. Group revenue up, but still stinging from the loss of an Army contract.

  • RWS. Revenue up, margins up, happy in its niche. See more abour RWS.

  • SDL. Revenue up, margins up, technology advancing. See more about SDL.

  • SYSTRAN. Revenue down, still seeking balance. See more about SYSTRAN.
All in all, these numbers show that the top players in the industry have not outpaced our growth estimates. There were no major acquisitions in 2006 and currency problems for anyone paying salaries in euros or sterling but selling in dollars. Expect to see some shifts in the top 20 list.


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