Sales Cookbook – Planning: Plot Your Destination
by Hélène Pielmeier
July 05, 2017
July 05, 2017

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Successful language service providers maximize their long- and short-term chances of growth by adopting and implementing systematic strategic and growth planning, consistently reviewing performance against plans, and adjusting plans based on market conditions and results. This module of the CSA Research “Sales Cookbook” guides LSPs on how to develop their growth strategy, the element that underpins the entire series.

Who Should Read This
  • Executives, sales managers, marketing managers, production managers, and operations managers involved in setting the direction for the company
  • Staff involved in collecting data or coordinating the effort
  • Why Growth Planning Matters
  • Perform an In-Depth Situation Assessment
  • Choose Your Desired Growth Approach
  • Develop a Comprehensive Sales Strategy
  • Takeaway: Plan Your Sales Strategy First

Sample Questions We Address
  • What is the best way to grow your business?
  • How do you design a sales plan?
  • How do you assess the competitive landscape?
  • What objectives should drive planning: revenue, profitability, risk management, or opening new markets?
  • What barriers may stand in the way of success?
Other Titles in This Series
This file is part of a 12-piece series.

  • Industry Providers
  • Sales_Cookbook
  • Technology Vendors

Pages: 25

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