Sales Cookbook – Goals: Quantify Your Objectives
by Hélène Pielmeier
July 05, 2017
July 05, 2017

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When planning for growth, language service providers must determine realistic sales goals for their organization. This module of the CSA Research “Sales Cookbook” guides LSPs on how to set achievable stretch goals.

Who Should Read This
Executives and sales managers looking to formalize or refine their approach to setting company, team, and individual goals

  • Why Setting Goals Matters
  • Analyze the Past
  • Stage the Forecasting Framework
  • Calculate the Company Sales Goal
  • Create Team Individual Quotas for Salespeople
  • Validate the Targets
  • Takeaway: Systematize Your Goal-Setting Efforts

Sample Questions We Address
  • What data do you need to compute sales goals?
  • How do you break the overall goal by revenue streams?
  • How do you compute individual sales goals?
  • How do you break down quotas intro daily activities?
  • Do you have enough salespeople to achieve the goal?
Other Titles in This Series
This file is part of a 12-piece series.

  • Industry Providers
  • Sales_Cookbook
  • Technology Vendors

Pages: 16

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