Sales Cookbook – Staffing: Design the Job
by Hélène Pielmeier
July 26, 2017
July 26, 2017

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To sell proactively, language service providers need a dedicated sales team responsible for executing the sales strategy. Hiring and retaining the right salespeople is a delicate exercise due to the required investment, the length of sales cycles, and the high cost of sales turnover. This module of the CSA Research “Sales Cookbook” guides LSPs on how to increase the odds of hiring and retaining the right profile.

Who Should Read This
  • Executives and sales involved in deciding when and what profile to hire and how to compensate salespeople
  • Sales and human resources staff involved in the recruitment process
  • Why Properly Timing Your First Sales Hire Matters
  • Identify What Role You Need
  • Choose the Right Profile
  • Delineate Sales Territories
  • Structure an Attractive but Fair Compensation Plan
  • Start Recruiting
  • Takeaway: Hire Wisely

Sample Questions We Address
  • What is the right time for the first sales hire?
  • Sales or marketing: which should come first?
  • What background and experience is best suited for your situation?
  • How should you pay salespeople during training?
  • How much base and commission should you pay?
  • Where can you find salespeople?
Other Titles in This Series
This file is part of a 12-piece series.

  • Industry Providers
  • Sales_Cookbook
  • Technology Vendors

Pages: 28

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