Blockchain Adds Digital Controls to Language Services
by Benjamin B. Sargent
October 06, 2017
October 06, 2017

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Blockchain is a method for concatenating blocks of transactions, which are stored securely using encryption in a distributed system that prevents bad actors from unlawfully changing records. While most media sources focus on blockchain’s use in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, where it originated, a range of industries is rapidly embracing the method for smart contracts. This new application allows software to automatically negotiate and enforce contracts without the delays and errors inherent when humans get involved. In this research, we discuss:

  • Two major industries adopting blockchain for smart contracts, Finance and Medicine.

  • How automating digital rights claims will affect all content industries, including translation.

  • How smart contracts will improve supply chain interactions in the language industry.

  • Why companies should add the blockchain discussion to their strategic planning process now.

  • Global Leaders
  • Industry Providers
  • Technology Vendors

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