Interpretation Technology Adoption Patterns at LSPs
by Hélène Pielmeier
February 01, 2018
February 01, 2018

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Interpretation represents 15.47% of the total language services market in 2017 "The Language Services Market: 2017,” (pages 17-21). It is a human-to-human business that can be delivered without the aid of specialized technology. However, software products are available in two forms: 1) interpretation management systems (IMSes) which coordinate scheduled interpretation bookings; and 2) interpretation delivery platforms (IDPs) which support the delivery one or more remote elements of the interaction.

In this report, CSA Research presents interpreting data collected in our annual market study. We correlate revenue derived from various interpretation services with the use of relevant technology. Language service providers can use the data in this report to benchmark their adoption rates versus their peers. Interpretation software vendors can identify the best targets for their commercial products by determining the first tipping point at which LSPs are likely to invest in technology and the second one when they move toward proprietary solutions.

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