Enterprise Language Shifts Point to LSP Opportunity
by Arle Lommel, Benjamin B. Sargent
May 02, 2018
May 02, 2018

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In any given year, global enterprises add or drop languages from their sites in response to a variety of macro-economic, business climate, and internal factors. This report examines “churn” – the changes in languages offered on the world’s most prominent websites. CSA Research tracked 2,648 sites between 2016 and 2017 to see whether brands added or dropped any of the 171 languages we monitored. We also include a “pick-up” rate, a measure of increasing demand.

Although economically important target languages see relatively steady increases in demand, those in the long tail of corporate support experience much more volatility. The data in this analysis can help language service providers identify opportunities and plan for risk as they offer services in lower-tier locales and tailor their offerings for them.

  • Industry Providers
  • Technology Vendors

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