The Chattering Class: Help Clients Localize Chatbots
by Arle Lommel, Rebecca Ray
May 16, 2018
May 16, 2018

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Chatbots – also known as online agents, interactive agents, or simply “bots” – are computer programs that interact with humans via conversation. They range from simple systems that follow decision trees for single tasks to complex personal assistants – such as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana – that can perform many different activities.

Localizing chatbots poses a substantial challenge for both developers and language service providers. From monolingual development frameworks to a lack of computing resources for many languages, these limitations lead to a high failure rate for projects. You can help your clients improve their chances of success by guiding their activities. In this report we: describe the basic types of online agents; explain how multilingual bots complicate the localization process; outline how you can help guide design to support localization; provide ways to improve localization; explain how you can assist clients in enhancing their content and terminology to improve outcomes; and recommend ways to help your clients improve success rates.

This report is best suited for multiple language vendors (MLVs) who need to understand clients’ challenges in this emerging area and have the technical skills available to support those customers in a field where few enterprises have succeeded thus far. We provide an overview of the issues that MLVs must plan for, showing how they can promote their expertise in this area. Note that pricing and business models are extremely fluid because few LSPs have experience in this field.

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