Supporting Chinese
by Douglas-Val Ziegler, Donald A. DePalma
July 31, 2018
July 31, 2018

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China is the world's second largest but for the last decade its fastest-growing economy. Its billion-plus residents represent huge opportunities both for national companies and for foreign firms able to tap into the market. This report introduces the opportunity, describes market expectations, outlines the role of Chinese as a world language, and dives into market-specific requirements.

This report should be useful to planners determining whether to invest in Chinese-speaking markets and practitioners responsible for making that happen. It contains the following chapters:

  • Business Issues: This chapter defines the scope of a decision to support Chinese, provides a lexicon for the project, details major dialects and use cases, and discusses the issue of intelligibility among the various forms.

  • Developing an Application in Chinese: This chapter works through a sample project, from the choice of locale through a variety of steps that may challenge teams without any previous experience in the language. 

  • Appendix: Spoken Language: This appendix describes the three major dialect groups – where they're used, how they're written, and variants.

  • Appendix: Written Language: This appendix provides additional detail on the character sets, supplementing tables in the Business Issues chapter. 

  • Global Leaders
  • Technology Vendors
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Pages: 32

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