Module 4. How to Select a Machine Translation System
by Arle Lommel
September 26, 2018
September 26, 2018

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One of the primary challenges language service providers face in implementing machine translation (MT) is in selecting vendors that will meet their needs. This module delivers a process for shortlisting viable candidates and then diving into details to find ones that will meet current and future needs. It then explains how to run pilots to verify choices prior to deploying MT in a production environment. This module is primarily intended for decision makers who will determine which particular systems their organizations will deploy.

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Additional modules coming soon:
  • Module 6. Building a Machine Translation-Friendly Supply Chain
  • Module 7. How to Sell Machine Translation Services
  • Module 8. Measuring and Improving Machine Translation Quality
  • Module 9. Advanced Steps to Improve Machine Translation
  • Module 10. Beyond Machine Translation: Linking to Other Technologies

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  • Technology Vendors

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