Global Digital Transformation: The Customer Journey
by Rebecca Ray, Donald A. DePalma
October 17, 2018
October 17, 2018

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Localization teams cannot ignore what’s going on around them as corporate goals, staff structures, and processes evolve due to digital transformation initiatives. They must fight for their rightful place in planning and design forums to ensure that programs embrace international and multicultural audiences. This is essential, as some markets develop higher expectations than others in areas such as smartphone functionality among audiences in Asia.

The race for digital innovation also offers an ideal opportunity to gain higher visibility and acceptance for business process globalization, which is required to support a comprehensive digital user experience in target markets worldwide. Based on C-level executive interviews in June and July 2018, a survey of content marketing and localization managers conducted in September 2018, and our ongoing Localization Maturity Model™ (LMM) research with global enterprises.

  • An introduction to global digital transformation
  • Why global content and business process globalization are strategic components of global digital transformation
  • How global content amplifies digital transformation
  • Why language services providers are suitable partners for global digital transformation
  • Recommendations

  • Global Leaders
  • Technology Vendors

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