Top Target Languages by Vertical Sector: 2019
by Arle Lommel, Benjamin B. Sargent
January 02, 2019
January 02, 2019

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This report examines demand for various target languages on 2,709 leading global websites – both multilingual and monolingual – within 35 vertical industry sectors. It reveals the top target languages for sites authored in English versus in other languages. It shows how target language priorities vary considerably by industry and source language. It serves as a supplement to CSA Research’s long-running Global Website Assessment Index to focus on the specific translation flows evident in the large enterprise sector. The results will help content creators to understand the practices of their competitors and LSPs to tailor their industry-specific offerings to meet the needs of participants in those verticals.

This report starts by discussing the language pairs that see particularly high global demand. It then provides the specific rankings of target language demand for 34 industry sectors, separating those sites authored in English from ones created in other tongues. Finally, it explains how the data was collected.

This report provides a breakdown between sites with English and non-English source languages. The zip file also contains an Excel with the data.

  • Global Leaders
  • Industry Providers
  • Technology Vendors

Pages: 43

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