The Responsibilities of Project Managers
by Hélène Pielmeier, Donald A. DePalma
March 29, 2013
March 29, 2013

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Translation project management has substantially evolved over the last few decades. Technology advances have redefined the tools and, as a result, the project process has evolved with inventions such as desktop publishing tools, the internet, FTP, translation memory, machine translation, translation management systems (TMSes), and the cloud. A project manager’s day-to-day tasks in 2013 are vastly different from what they were even just 10 years ago.

Common Sense Advisory conducted a survey of 409 project managers to capture a snapshot of translation project management in this day and age. Here is what you will find in this report:

  • Findings. We present the typical project manager responsibilities and workload issues, as well as the role of project management specialties.
  • Analysis. We include a typology of project managers, a method to evaluate your project management needs, and solutions to make the project managers’ job more manageable.
  • ­Implications. We offer insight on what this means for your company.
  • Appendix. We provide detailed data by title for each of the 44 tasks we asked project managers to evaluate.
  • Related research. We recommend other Common Sense Advisory research reports and briefs on related topics.

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  • Technology Vendors
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