Return on Investment for Global Websites
by Rebecca Ray, Benjamin B. Sargent
September 03, 2013
September 03, 2013

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Global websites represent a critical component in the customer experience journey, yet the majority of translation buyers do not track return on investment (ROI) for their localized websites. Those that do calculate ROI report that they struggle to obtain and communicate the appropriate data.

Pressure mounts on website producers as their organizations move into more and more markets faster and faster – domestic multicultural ones, as well as those outside their borders. Our research data from 2011 and 2012 shows that prominent global websites added 2.5 languages, on average. Because website content frequently gobbles up a large chunk of the translation budget, it’s paramount that translation managers learn how to use ROI to gain the budgets they need. If they don’t, they will be left to divvy up what they’re given among a growing number of markets.

This reports forms a continuum with “Market Entry Decisions,” Jul13, in which we share how to develop a formalized process and the requisite tools for adding language support. Based on a survey of 132 companies in 20 countries that purchase language services, the current report explores why translation, localization, and web globalization managers find it so difficult to measure the results of globalizing their websites, and what would enable them to do so. We present four traditional ROI calculations and show readers how to apply them to measure the value of their localized websites. We also demonstrate how to communicate this vital data more clearly to the groups that need to hear it.

If you are a manager or director responsible for international websites, this report will help you:
  • Understand traditional return on investment calculations and how to apply them to localized websites.
  • Build business cases to add additional language support.
  • Improve your skills for evangelizing the value of globalized websites.
  • Win budget battles so that you can spend more time growing revenue and less time discussing budget allocation and language prioritization.

  • Global Leaders
  • Technology Vendors
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