Differentiation You Can Bet Your Brand On
by Hélène Pielmeier
October 01, 2013
October 01, 2013

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Most of the language service providers (LSPs) we work with in our partner program have an excruciating time describing what makes them different from everybody else. With more than 28,000 language service providers in the world in 2013 – excluding freelancers – it is hard to stand out (see “The Language Services Market: 2013,” May13). Chances are that someone else out there in the crowd of competitors is already trying to compete on the basis of the same unique selling proposition that you claim for your company.

Identifying your difference and designing plans to exploit it in your marketing, branding, and sales efforts is a cornerstone of strategic planning (see “Strategic Planning for LSPs,” Oct13). Service providers that want to grow must learn to clearly pinpoint why their company is a better choice. We drew on our experience guiding executives through their strategic planning effort and our advisory sessions on differentiation with LSPs over the last 11 years to write this brief. It will help you: 1) determine what constitutes a differentiator; 2) use techniques to pinpoint what makes you stand out; 3) observe examples of differentiation; and 4) show how to leverage your unique value selling proposition.

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