The Top 30 Online Languages
by Benjamin B. Sargent
November 05, 2013
November 05, 2013

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Whether your international care agency communicates with a global donor base or your manufacturing company markets its wares to consumers in faraway lands, you will need to support a widening variety of languages in just the next couple of years. This free with registration brief lists annual benchmark data on the size and economic opportunity available to marketers and other communicators for the top 30 online languages, out of 116 in the complete study. As in previous years, we provide four sets of numbers associated with each language: Total Online Population (TOP) and Share of TOP (in previous years called Availability Quotient or AQ), plus World Online Wallet (WOW) and Share of WOW (in previous years called e-GDP, or online gross domestic product). A methodology section at the end describes how these annual benchmark metrics are derived.

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