Portal-Based Client Interactions
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Hélène Pielmeier
January 02, 2014
January 02, 2014

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The adoption − some say “imposition” – of portals for client interactions has been a hot topic for many years. Some people sing the praises of portal-based interactions while others lament the loss of “personal touch.” 

This report is written for the strategic planners and information technology (IT) staff at language service providers (LSPs). In it, we describe the benefits of client portals and the options for online interaction that buyers find in the marketplace. Our findings underscore the importance of portal investment to meet client expectations for convenience and speed.

For this research, we completed two dozen product demos and interviews on client portals, discovering a range of opinions – mostly positive – on the benefits of their adoption, whether deployed by the LSP, the client, or a third party.

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Pages: 40

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