World Online Wallet Shifts Toward Asia in 2010
by Benjamin B. Sargent
September 27, 2010
September 27, 2010

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This brief updates the raw data for total online population and e-GDP, by country and by language, and resets the benchmark metrics of Availability Quotient (AQ) and “world online wallet” (WOW) for the year 2010. AQ represents a country’s or language’s share of total world online population; for instance, China has now surpassed the United States as the number-one country for AQ. WOW looks at the spending power of a given online population – either country or language – as a percentage of the world’s total e-GDP in a given year; the low per capita GDP in mainland China means that the U.S still has seven times the amount of e-GDP. That said, a Titanic shift is underway with resulting from both economic and internet growth in China, India, and Southeast Asia.

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