Language Service Deal-making Heats Up
by Donald A. DePalma, Renato S. Beninatto
March 07, 2005
March 07, 2005

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In just the first 40 days of 2005, U.S. companies pursued over US$144 billion in mergers and acquisitions. Competitive pressures, cost-cutting, and the need for greater scale drove giants like Proctor & Gamble, Qwest, SBC, and Verizon to make big offers for complementary companies. In March 2005 privately-held Merrill Corp. bought P.H. Brink, gaining decades of translation expertise, clients, and the Otto workflow management in the bargain. In a smaller transaction, M 2 purchased Language Masters to add scale, clients, and service offerings. This Quick Take discusses the market forces driving language service providers to consolidate.

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