Alison Toon

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Alison's background is in enterprise-scale translation management. For many, many years, she was responsible for Hewlett-Packard's (HP’s) globalization program, a transformational initiative across all of HP’s business units, products and customer lifecycle. Alison developed and managed the enterprise translation management architecture team, strategy and technology, and was responsible for the tools, operation and business processes used for managing all translations for HP. Since "retiring" from HP a few years ago, Alison has worked for language services and technology vendors including SDL and Smartling, and most recently as an independent global business consultant, managing complex content, translation, and globalization strategies by advising on operations, business processes, and technologies. Alison speaks English as a first language (both UK and USA variants), is fluent if a little rusty in French, understands Dutch better than she can speak it, and enjoys Polish grammar puzzles just for fun. She has published several fiction books, and is also a concert and festival photographer and blogger: music communicates across all languages.
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