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PASS Appoints Skrivanek Central and Eastern European Reseller
Posted by Donald A. DePalma on May 25, 2005  in the following blogs: Translation and Localization, Web Globalization, Business Globalization, Technology, Interpreting, Market Data, Global Marketing, Best Practices, Supplier Business Issues
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Language service providers trying to sell tools to competing translation agencies generally don't find much business, but every rule has an exception. In this case, the relationship could succeed.

PASS, based in Germany, has a small sales force and no distribution in the former eastern bloc. Skrivanek, headquartered in the Czech Republic, has offices and production centers across central and eastern Europe that could sell and support tools in these markets. The partners reportedly will localize PASSOLO based on market demand. Their plan addresses a basic irony of this industry -- language and translation tools are rarely localized.

While any language service provider will have a tough time selling tools to competing translation agencies, Skrivanek can reach an emerging -- and heretofore untapped -- software development community in the former Warsaw Pact countries. This opportunity includes software development companies, outsourcers, and reverse localization shops (e.g., localizing Russian-language products for Anglophone markets) in the region. Skrivanek's regional ubiquity and local support could open doors that PASS couldn't find on its own. The challenge for the Czech company will be to sell these tools through different sales channels than it sells its services.


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