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Vignette Analyst Day 2005
Posted by Donald A. DePalma on June 7, 2005  in the following blogs: Translation and Localization, Web Globalization, Business Globalization, Technology, Interpreting, Market Data, Global Marketing, Best Practices, Supplier Business Issues
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CEO Tom Hogan presented Vignette's strategy, focusing on plans for managing the global content value chain, tools for complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and other regulations, and developing vertical solutions. Except for a reference to Vodafone and the company's desire to be the Switzerland of information management, there was nary a mention of any "global" or "international" issue on any of his slides or in his commentary.

When we asked about it, Hogan replied that it was an oversight and not at all intentional, and that Vignette indeed has an international outlook and plenty of customers in other markets and Anglophone multinationals using the software. But why not mention it?

As we have noted before, globalization tends to become a PowerPoint bullet or even a whole slide when you're doing well in international markets (e.g., Dell) or when you're looking for someone to take the fall for bad financials (IBM or Bowne). This executive indifference or lack of attention filters down to the rank and file inside a company so that the topic appears only as an afterthought on everyone's agenda. Without active agitprop around globalization, international markets will be the poor stepchild of many companies' marketing and sales efforts.

By the way we couldn't help but comment on the apparent contradiction between helping companies with their SOX financial and process compliance needs while claiming to be the Switzerland of the ECM industry. "Transparency and opacity" -- maybe there's a song in that for Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder?


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