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Localization Can Bring Big Rewards, but Pirates Are Waiting
CSA Research has consistently shown the benefits of localizing your products (see “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy,” Feb14, which polled 3,002 customers from 10 countries on their language and buying preferences, and “Consumer Language Preferences by Country,” Jan16). It makes your offerings accessible and attractive to a larger

Gambling on Machine Translation
We recently caught up with Russell Gowlett, an executive at PKR Technologies, to talk about PKR.com, a gaming website based in the Channel Islands. The site offers an immersive experience in online poker in a 3D environment with enough character customization to meet the needs of any aspiring Kenny Rogers. While the majority of PKR’s gamblers

The 2013 “State of the Industry” Survey is Open!
Common Sense Advisory today launched its annual survey of the global language services market. Now in its eighth year, the survey captures comprehensive data related to language services and technology. Why should you participate? Receive a free report. All qualified respondents will receive a copy of the report we published in May of last year

Silicon Valley Conference Focuses on Yin and Yang of I18n and L10n
More than 150 engineers, product managers, and content creators gathered in Silicon Valley this week for the Internationalization and Localization Conference to hear lessons learned from companies like Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Intel, LinkedIn, Rearden Commerce, Twitter, Yahoo, and Zynga. Several companies relatively new to the internationalization (i18n)


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