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Web Globalization: How Well Does Your Company Score?
Who’s the master of the web universe? We started our annual internet pilgrimage last fall in order to answer that question. Our team of multilingual testers on three continents logged their journey and took snapshots of the signposts, words, and images that today’s global web traveler encounters. As we went through the web, we asked questions

Thanks to Viral Marketing, Word Lens Translation App Reaches the Masses
The developers of Word Lens haven’t gotten much sleep since their top-selling iPhone app went viral with a video last week. It is being described as “Google Goggles unplugged” and “on-the-fly visual translation.” The product addresses the frustrations that travelers experience as they navigate their way around streets,

To Localize or Not to Localize...
... that is the question. Recently, we've noticed two reports of companies claiming that "it just isn't worth it" to have websites in other languages. Last week, the New York Times profiled several web-based businesses that elected to decrease or eliminate their web presence in some parts of the world, in spite of popularity in the local markets. This


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