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Standard Translation Project Timelines Keep Shrinking
In our recent research on quoting practices at LSPs, we found two recurring themes: 1) the increasing price pressure caused by clients driving the race to the bottom (see our recent blog post on that topic); and 2) the drastic reduction in timelines to conduct projects. In this post, we’ll explore this second issue. We asked our

Is Heavy Discounting the Only Way to Land Business These Days?
In their search for the best possible deal, prospects and clients put tremendous pressure on language service providers to reduce their prices. In our recent series of interviews on quoting, we inquired how LSPs decide when to cave in and offer a big discount – or simply walk away from the deal. It’s no easy decision. Not all buyer demands

How Tightly Do You Manage the Sales Estimation Function?
How much does translation cost? That’s not an easy question to answer. LSPs spend a lot of time on the sales estimation activity. This process, often referred to as “quoting,” requires developing estimates of the price and turnaround time to complete jobs. That means determining which resources they need to do the job, matching them


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