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Global Survey of Language Services Providers Identifies Patterns Among Translation and Localization Buyer Groups
Common Sense Advisory regularly surveys the buy- and supply-sides of the global translation, localization, and interpreting industry to understand its growth, procurement trends, and profiles. The research firm’s latest report, “Targeting Translation Buyers,” is based on the analysis of 955 unique client profiles provided by translation salespeople at language service provider (LSP) organizations in order to identify patterns among buyer groups. Most respondents were from Europe (49.37%) and North America (33.02%). Common Sense Advisory used the data to spot relationships between items such as vendor loyalty and geography, or between vertical market and annual translation budget. In this report, the research firm details the demographic and behavioral characteristics of translation buyers, and tracks the significant links between these attributes.

“Targeting Translation Buyers” continues Common Sense Advisory’s research and analysis of industry buyers, and includes:

The top six clusters of translation buyers and their key characteristics

- A listing of 144 titles of major buyers of translation services

- An industry-specific guide to targeting translation buyers

- Typical gender and age distribution across industries and title groups

- Correlations between industry and vendor relationship length

- Detailed information about spending patterns by industry and titles

- A breakdown of which industries prefer in-country suppliers

- A comparison with the results of Common Sense Advisory’s 2004 report on the same topic, highlighting changes in buyer profiles over the last five years

Common Sense Advisory’s senior analyst and lead author of the report, Nataly Kelly, points out, “This report will help LSP sales teams to quickly understand who has decision-making authority in each industry and title group – and who doesn’t. And, if you want to learn which industries are more likely to spend half-a-million dollars or more on translation and localization services, this report delivers exactly that.”

The complete 26-page report is available through a license to Common Sense Advisory’s research services at www.commonsenseadvisory.com.

Submitted On: 1/10/2011

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