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Second Annual Ranking of Top 15 Telephone Interpreting Providers Worldwide Outlines Growth and Revenue Numbers for Recession-Resistant Language Services Industry

In 2009, the total global language services market stands at US$15 billion; nearly a third, US$4.5 billion, corresponds to interpreting services. The company revenues that contribute heavily to this global number are detailed in September 2009 research by Common Sense Advisory entitled, “Top 15 Telephone Interpreting Suppliers." Leading the market research company’s industry ranking list again this year is Language Line Services (LLS), followed by Cyracom and Manpower Business Solutions. Top revenue growth leader for 2008 is thebigword Group, with a growth rate of 474.9 percent, followed by Telelanguage and Language Services Associates.

Industry research numbers demonstrate a surge in growth, with the Top 15 companies reporting an average rate of growth of 72.75 percent, up significantly from the 2007 growth average of 21.62 percent. “The high rates of growth among telephone interpreting companies show that these businesses have performed exceedingly well amidst a global economic downturn,” said report lead analyst, Nataly Kelly. “The need to communicate with diverse populations about their mortgages, health care, utilities, and insurance remains stable in spite of economic volatility.”

Telephone interpreting continues to be a global phenomenon. The 2008 ranking includes companies headquartered in the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, and India. However, North American telephone interpreting providers account for more than three quarters of the combined revenue of the Top 15.

The complete rankings and resulting research report on the state of the market and the outlook for the next five years, “TI Supply-Side Outlook,” are available through a license to Common Sense Advisory’s research services at http://www.commonsenseadvisory.com.

Submitted On: 1/10/2011

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