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Expansion to Australia and New Zealand Region (ANZ) Announced

Many businesses are looking to expand into the Asian region for new investment, partnership, and import and export opportunities, but often find language and lack of local market knowledge to be barriers to entrance. Common Sense Advisory, Inc. has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for independent consulting services and research on issues related to gateways to the Asian marketplace. To help manage this growth, the Boston-area research and consulting firm has expanded to the Australia and New Zealand region (ANZ) and added Tony Collett to its business development team.

Common Sense Advisory’s research and consulting clients include global companies from the information technology, medical device, telecommunications, consumer goods, and travel industries.  “We regularly help companies rationalize their global growth plans; advising them on local business requirements and best practices for entering new markets,” said Tahar Bouhafs, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “Tony’s experience in business development and research gives Common Sense Advisory a seasoned industry executive capable of managing the influx of companies looking to enter the Asian marketplace via the ANZ region.”

Prior to Joining Common Sense Advisory, Tony worked as the ANZ Country Manager at Forrester Research for 11 years and covered South East Asia for two years. He also spent 16 years at Honeywell Pty Ltd; first as an account manager and then sales manager. Tony studied accounting at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Melbourne and is a member of the Australian Society of Accountants. Contact Tony Collett at tony@commonsenseadvisory.com or +61 414 395 303.

Submitted On: 1/11/2011

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