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"Localization Vendor Management" Research Report Details Best Practices for Managing Language Service Providers

There is no right way or wrong model for how to manage language vendors, but there are some clear best practices on how to make it work more optimally.  Common Sense Advisory's latest research report, "Localization Vendor Management," provides vendor managers with proof that "they are not alone." It also educates suppliers on the difficulties that localization vendor managers face. 

This report is based on the findings from Common Sense Advisory's 2007 Vendor Management Colloquium, which brought together 35 buyers of language services from high-tech companies. This segment – software, hardware and office equipment, networking, security, medical devices, and web-only businesses – is the leading edge of localization. They have long-term practices in adapting their products, documentation and websites for foreign markets. On average they sell one third to two thirds of their products outside the United States.

In its research, Common Sense Advisory has found that nearly 90 percent of companies outsource some or all of their translation and localization work. Many use a stable of language service providers and freelance translators to meet their needs in product localization, website globalization, in printed collateral, online help systems, knowledge bases, technical user guides, and training materials.

The report reviews the best practices and processes of vendor management and selection, including: technology tools, pricing, quality, licensing models, and service levels.

Find out more about the report or contact us for information about subscribing to Common Sense Advisory's research or attending an upcoming workshop.

Submitted On: 1/11/2011

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