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Academic Pricing Announced for Business Without Borders

"Business Without Borders” is the definitive how-to guide for executives and marketing professionals ready to take on a global market. Used widely by global practitioners, the book provides the nuts-and-bolts issues marketers and their support staff must master in order to launch a successful global initiative – from selling ideas to a budgetary committee or board of directors; deciding on which countries or cultures to enter; finding and working with translation and localization specialists; to measuring the ROI of global web marketing efforts. It is used in a number of colleges and universities in the U.S. and Europe; in business classes and localization specialties. The 256-page book is now available in a trade paperback edition to academic retailers and faculty at a more than 50% discount on orders of 10 or more copies.

Originally released in 2002 and updated in 2004, “Business Without Borders” was written by Donald A. DePalma, Ph.D. and published by John Wiley & Sons. DePalma is extending discounted pricing for academic retailers and faculty because, as a father of a college student and somebody who spent a lot of time in college and graduate school, he believes having useful course materials that don’t “break the bank” is a good thing.

“Business Without Borders” (ISBN 0471204692) is available at http://www.businesswithoutborders.info or by calling Karen McGayhey at +1 978-275-0500, ext. 1201. Interested academic retailers or faculty can send an e-mail to karen@commonsenseadvisory.com for special pricing on orders of 10 or more copies.

About the Author

Donald A. DePalma, Ph.D. is a widely respected industry analyst, author, and corporate strategist with expertise in business- and marketing-focused application of technology. He lectures and writes frequently on the topics of online marketing technologies, content management, high-end application development, knowledge management, and globalization. DePalma is the founder and president of Common Sense Advisory, a consultancy committed to improving the quality of international business on the web and the efficiency of the online and offline operations that support it. He is a recognized expert and thought leader in the convergence of the internet and globalization. He was a principal analyst at Forrester Research where he pioneered the study of global websites in 1996.

Submitted On: 1/13/2011

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