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Report Identifies Sample Translations as a Differentiator among Language Services Providers
Language service providers (LSPs) the world over contend that their key differentiator is quality. If every LSP offers excellent quality, research firm Common Sense Advisory asserts that there is, in fact, no differentiation among suppliers of translation and localization. In its recently released report, “Sample Translations,” the firm provides alternate distinguishing factors including service responsiveness and value-added services – all demonstrated through sample translation. The report also offers buyers of language services tools and resources for evaluating and procuring services from language providers.

Common Sense Advisory’s Chief Operating Officer and report analyst, Renato Beninatto, adds, “When buyers evaluate an LSP, they should ask for references and some proof of quality performance – such as sample translations. These test projects will help them assess quality of service, vendor responsiveness, and value for money.”

"Sample Translations” covers the key components of the translation procurement process and tools for both buyers and vendors of language services including:

· The “Translation Quality Lottery”

· How Buyers Can Improve Their Process

· How LSPs Can Improve Their Chances of Winning the “Translation Lottery”

· Understanding the Client’s Needs

· Evaluations and Reviews

· Components of the Sample Translation Package

“Sample Translations” is available as part of a Common Sense Advisory membership subscription. For more information, visit http://www.commonsenseadvisory.com.

Submitted On: 1/13/2011

Common Sense Advisory research and analysts are frequently cited in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Fortune Magazine, Inc Magazine, and BusinessWeek.
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